"Us TOO helps men with prostate cancer learn to fight this disease."

"The power of Us TOO ​is in helping men, and those who love them, by transforming
resignation into determination 
and fear into hope."



​Juan will share his testimonial given at the New York City Charter Revision Commission held September 27, 2018 - Council Chambers at City Hall.
​Topic: Political and Electoral Reform - The Effects of a Corrupted Electoral Process in New York City


New York has one of the lowest voter participation rates in the country.

Juan will write about election reforms that would increase voter participation in New York.


MTA Revenue Too Costly to Acquire...

Juan's Political OP-ED on how Albany deceives us into believing revenue can be achieved!

Prostate Cancer is estimated to claim the lives of almost 30,000 men
​so far this year in New York. That’s 30,000 husbands, fathers, boyfriends, brothers, sons, and friends.

One of our best defenses against this disease is education and awareness... 

After my three-year battle with Stage 4 Lymphoma and defeating it, I thought cancer would never attack me again. But last May, when I started my campaign for the Democratic Primary, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Because it was not caught early enough, surgery was the only option if I wanted to have a chance to live.

​​It was a simple blood test, a PSA Test, done at a routine doctor's visit that discovered there was something wrong with my prostate. The PSA Test (Prostate-Specific Antigen test) measures the level of a protein made by cells in the prostate gland in a man’s blood. PSA levels rise when there’s a problem with the prostate...

​Okay, guys! Enough of this 'doctor talk'. Go and take this simple blood test! Do it now! It could save your life... it saved mine!

And if it comes down that you'll need surgery, don't let the side effects of it stop you from doing the surgery... it's about living; it's about longevity... 
​It's about life... It's about going forward no matter the obstacles!

                                                                                          Juan Pagan

Juan Pagan for Assembly 74th AD New York City

Juan writes about reforms and proposals that would strengthen
New York State's Ethics and Campaign Finance Laws and Enforcement.

Cancer Survivor - Juan Pagan
After his overnight stay at
​Memorial Sloan Kettering for a Radical Prostatectomy - AUG 15, 2018.

Tuesday NOV 6
Our Neighborhood's BEST DEMOCRAT for ASSEMBLY
Is Running on the REFORM PARTY Line

Assembly Candidate JUAN PAGAN Stays in Race, Despite Cancer

 Albany is corrupt and has the worst campaign finance system in the country. The State has the power to effectively act on the issue of reforming ethics and campaign finance, which they have neglected for decades. The deliberate inertia of our legislators contributes greatly to the corrupt state Albany continues to be in.

Before leaving his position as state attorney general, Eric Schneiderman left us a brilliant anti-corruption package that, if our legislators would enact all fifteen of the proposals made therein, would truly be the beginning of cleaning up the State. And Albany would have no choice but to ‘reinvent’ itself.

Of the fifteen proposals in Schneiderman’s anti-corruption package, I would amend one and replace another.

The proposal I would amend is one regarding Reforms of the Legislature, a proposal that would increase the length of legislative terms from two to four years. But I would amend this proposal and add Term Limits. Specifically, a legislator’s time in office should be limited to two terms. This is identical to the New York City Council whose members are limited to two four-year terms. In other words, State Legislators would not serve more than eight years in office.

All state public offices must be Term Limited. Government needs to be constantly renewed by citizens who truly have an idea of what is possible or practical, thereby proposing and passing legislation that effectively improves the quality of life for all who live in New York, and amending or appealing legislation that is ineffective or detrimental to our communities.

Furthermore, too many elections in New York are completely un-competitive. This is a tremendous disservice to the voters. Term limits create open seats and invite more challenges and increases voter turnout. But the advantages of incumbency are so great that one is more likely to die than to lose re-election. Term Limits would continually give government a fresh set of eyes.

The proposal I would replace is one regarding Campaign Finance Reform. This proposal, as recommended in Schneiderman’s bill, would create a system of public matching funds with a 6:1 match ratio, one which is similar, if not, identical to the system used by the New York City Campaign Finance Board. I would replace it with the Campaign Finance Reform modeled on Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program, a system that supports municipal and statewide candidates, which would send every registered voter a $100 Democracy Voucher, which can only be used to contribute to a candidate running for office. This would truly bring campaign financing to the interested masses rather than a handful of special interest, lobbyists, and bundlers. Furthermore, the 6:1 match ratio program is far too costly and far too prone to abuse in that it makes the system less accessible to average people as opposed to professional politicians and political machines.

Of the fifteen proposals my two favorites are in Criminal Law Reforms:

1-An amendment that would authorize the Attorney General’s office to investigate and criminally prosecute public corruption.

2-The creation of new felonies for public servants who intentionally abuse their official position.

All fifteen proposals in Schneiderman’s anti-corruption package must be enacted.