Juan receives an award from Commissioner Thomas A. Coughlin III, New York State Department of Correctional Services, presented by Deputy Superintendent for Program Services Duncan Trueman at the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility Volunteer Service Awards Ceremony, May 19, 1983. Juan worked with the “Hispanics in Progress Committee” an organization that contributes in ways to help inmates become productive citizens upon their release.

Juan is formally educated in Criminal Justice and will bring his education and experience as well as his personal connection to our community to keep our focus on Crime & Safety.

"If music can tame the most savage of beasts, it can quell the storms of depression and uncertainty that often rage within."          Carlos M. López Garcia - Author


“The best crime prevention tool I’ve ever
  worked with was the guitar…
give a young person a musical instrument, your time and patience; connect with and get their parents involved… and I guarantee, that young person will make it in life no matter how impoverished or dysfunctional their family is.”                    
Juan Pagán

Juan, a former New York State Correction Officer, worked in prisons in upstate New York and in New York City (circa 1985).

Bringing joy and smiles to the elderly by way of music and songs…


Tuesday NOV 6

"Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence." 
Sir Robert Peel - London Police

Juan and his daughter Hannah, at the Loisaida Festival 2017 with Police Officers from PSA #4. Police officers from PSA #4 playing basketball with teens at Jacob Riis Houses.


The City’s 10-year plan to close Rikers Island adds a new challenge to the many our District is already facing. With its goal to release half of the inmate population and build new jails throughout the city, the closing of Rikers Island will affect us all. With years of experience working in the State’s prison system, and with ex-offenders, and teen-age felony offenders, Juan will create a committee within the State Legislature, devoted solely to the task to work closely with City Council to enact the recommendations made by the commission that would truly be effective in keeping our District safe while being more humane to those in custody awaiting trial and their families.

Bringing joy and smiles to the elderly by way of music and songs…

Juan visits local high school to help our teens understand and be engaged in the political process...

Juan’s last assignment with the State was at Sing Sing, a maximum-security prison in Ossining New York. Juan’s daughter, Hannah, and his stepson, Adriano, visit Juan at the officer’s barracks at Sing Sing (circa 1998).

The phrase “Tough on Crime” seems to be associated with more police, bigger prisons, and more laws that criminalize people rather than protect the public… I’ve learned that sometimes the best way to be tough on crime is by giving another chance to the ex-offender; welcome them back into society; help them to reconnect with family, or to find new family; give them a job… Or, spend quality time with children from the neighborhood, even if they are not your children; help an elderly person shop for their groceries, carry it for them and walk them home; know your neighbors; hire young people from the neighborhood to do odd jobs; share your skills... Building Community is the best defense we can take against crime. 
                                                                                               Juan Pagán

Juan helping teens at a local high school with a Voter Registration Campaign.